COVID-19 and how we're responding

Are you open for appointments?

We are open for face-to-face osteopathy appointments! We are classed as key workers and are very happy that we can keep you all going through any lockdown or tiered restrictions.

You should be able to find an appointment to suit you on our online booking service. If you can’t see any times that you can make, please give us a ring and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

Are you offering virtual consultations?

We’re offering virtual consultations at the moment, both over video and telephone. It might sound strange to think about how you could get the benefit of a predominantly hands-on therapy in a virtual way! But there are lots of things we can help and advise you with remotely. This might work well for you if you’re shielding or can’t find a time that works for you to come to a session in person. Here’s what an online consultation can offer: 

– We can give you a good idea about what the cause of your pain is

– Offer lots of self-help strategies and advice about how to manage at home or work

– Give you advice about returning to exercise, how to pace yourself and ideas on stretching afterwards

– Help you with rehab for your complaint using our bespoke exercise plan software Rehab My Patient

– Keep in touch with you regularly to make sure things are progressing in the right way and that you’re feeling better.  


What hygeine measures will you have in place?

You can be reassured that we’re very closely adhering to the measures recommended by PHE and our governing body. These are the changes we are implementing:

– We will be screening every patient before each appointment to make sure they are well and healthy. The same goes for everyone in their household. 

– On arrival at the practice we’ll be asking you to wash your hands or use alcohol gel. 

– We will be cleaning thoroughly between every patient we see and airing the room. 

– We may look a little different to normal as we are required to wear PPE to help to protect both us and you. We will be wearing a face mask, gloves and apron. We may look a little different but we will still be totally focused on you and your health.

– We have removed all linens from our clinic, including couch covers, towels and pillow cases. All of our surfaces will be wipe clean.  

If you have any questions about our hygiene procedures that would reassure you please do get in touch and we’d be very glad to answer them.

Will I need to wear a mask?

We’re asking all of our patients to wear a mask for their consultation and treatment for both of our protection. If you don’t have one of your own we have a supply. 

I’m in an at-risk group – can I be seen for treatment?

At the moment we are able to see all patients EXCEPT those in the high risk group or are shielding. Please check here to see if you are deemed clinically extremely vulnerable by the NHS. If so, we’re so sorry but we can’t treat you at the moment. What we can do is offer you help and guidance over the phone or video consultation which we are very glad to provide. Please give us a ring to set that up.   

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